How To Increase Your Website Conversion Rate

If you want to increase your website sales there are only 3 ways to do it…

  1. Increase your website visitors – More traffic
  2. Increase your website conversion rate – More sales
  3. Increase your sales to existing clients – More repeat sales

Most web marketing experts work in one of these areas and most of them tend to be focused on getting you more visitors. If you’re working with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising or Social Media then this is all about getting your website more traffic.

Does Your Website Need More Traffic?

As you can see above traffic is only part of the equation. It doesn’t matter if you have 50, 100 or 1000 visitors a day… if your website conversion rate is 0% then you don’t make any sales.

If you currently have a 0.5% conversion rate and 100 visitors then you get 5 sales a day. If you increase that to 1.0% you now get 10 sales a day… you just doubled your sales. Over a year that means you increased your sales from 1825 to 3650… just from improving your website conversion.

And then imagine getting more repeat sales from your clients and you can see just what a difference this can make to your website.

A Strategic Approach To Web Marketing

If you talk to SEO experts they will tell you increased search engine rankings are the answer. If you talk to Social Media experts they will tell you Facebook and Twitter are the answer.

The truth is that your business and your web marketing efforts are going to be different from everyone else’s. In order to create a strategic web marketing plan we need to work out where you are and what your goals are. Then we can create a complete plan to get you the results you want.

Can We Help You Increase Your Results?

We honestly don’t know. We’re not here to promise you ridiculous results when we know nothing about your business or whether we can help you. So our first step is to talk with you to assess your needs and desired results.

We call this our Strategy Session and it allows us to get to know your business and what your goals are. Then we can design a strategy that will work for your individual business. You can book your free Strategy Session when you request more info on the top right.

Sounds Good But How Much Will It Cost?

Our rates are very reasonable… ridiculously reasonable actually. You can start working with us for as little as $100 per week in fact.

We achieve this due to having a laser focus for what your business needs. By creating an effective strategy and working only on those areas of greatest return we can eliminate a ton of wasted time. That means you’re only paying for the actions that will increase your website’s results.

To learn more simply complete the box on the top right and you can see all our packages and rates. Plus you can book in your free Strategy Session and experience what it’s like to work with us.