The Web Marketing Outlaw Story

Craig DeweHi – I’m Craig – and I started the Web Marketing Outlaw business over five years ago on the 9th of August 2007. This was the day I had my first paying client and quit my current job (teaching English in Spain) forever. But the story really starts back before the year 2000.

I was studying a Computer Systems Engineering degree (which I hated) and had designed a few websites on the side. I had to do a year-long project for my degree and found myself working for a business improvement website… helping them market their website.

I spent the next 4 years working for them part time doing various internet marketing things including search engine optimisation, writing content and creating the monthly newsletter.

I Start My Own Online Business

In 2003 I started my first online business with a friend while still working part time. This business was called efrisson (frisson means a moment of intense excitement) and sold geek products over the internet. These included things like glowing keyboards, lights for inside the computer case and remotes that operated your computer.

While the website ranked well in the search engines we quickly found no one was actually searching for “glowing keyboard” and had to find new ways to drive traffic. After a lot of experimentation we finally tried paid advertising and invested a whopping $1500 (a fortune for us) in banner ads. When it produced no results my business partner quit and I had little choice but to shut down the business.

Time To See The World

So midway through 2005 I jumped on a plane to live in London and travel Europe. By September 2006 I found myself living in Madrid, Spain and teaching English just because I loved the country so much. In January 2007 I turned my interest back to business and started another website in my spare time.

However the director of my Spanish school (who mainly taught English speakers how to teach English with a TEFL course) heard me talking about marketing websites and returned out of her office with a big yellow book entitled “Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Dummies” practically begging me if I could do this stuff. Two weeks later I’d taken their website from about 20th place on Google to position 4 and they then asked the fateful question…

“So What Can You Do Next?”

On a gut feeling I suggested rewriting and restructuring the website to make it easier and more enjoyable for visitors to use. They agreed to try my idea and on the 9th of August 2007 I was walking out of their apartment with my first paying client.

After changing over the first website and getting an amazing response from potential clients I knew he was on to something. The business owners were also great networkers and soon I had started working with many of the English speaking websites around Madrid.

Back To New Zealand

In September 2008 I returned to New Zealand while continuing to work with clients in Madrid and finding new ones back home. I earned my living working from my couch and cruised along for the next two years with the regular ups and downs of being self-employed.

I then realised I’d made a mistake somewhere and in my quest to become a business owner had ended up simply creating a job for myself. So I took some time off to re-evaluate my life and see what the next step was. I spent a lot of time reading and going back through old resources to try and figure out where I’d gone wrong.

Time To Build A Real Business

The final answer was that while I thought he was a “business owner” I had really became self-employed. The entire business relied on me and very little could be outsourced to other people. I then started rectifying my error by examining what the business did and how it could be systematized.

After a lot of trial and error I have finally found the right path. I now focus on my key strengths of strategic planning, copywriting and conversion. This means my clients can effectively leverage all my experience for a very low investment and receive the maximum results.

And You Get The Best Outsourcers At Your Fingertips

For other services we’ve built a top notch team of outsourcers who provide excellent work for very reasonable rates. As our clients you have full access to our outsourcing resources at a fraction of the cost of what you’d normally pay. So if you need web or graphic designers, programmers, video editors, marketers or other skills we can take care of it.

I’ve also hired an awesome person called Emily to become General Manager. Emily looks after the day-to-day customer service and runs the entire team of outsourcers to ensure we’re creating a top notch result.

But Here’s The Key Part…

Our strategic approach means we’re doing the right things in the right order to maximise your results. We work out what would increase your sales right now and then get to work. So you don’t spend time chasing your tail trying to figure out all this online stuff.

Working with us is like hiring an entire web marketing division for your business that is dedicated to increasing your sales. And when you see our rates you’ll be amazed at what we’re offering. Simply enter your name and email address on the right to see what I mean.

Also remember to book in for your free Strategy Session so we can start you on the path to increased website sales today.

Talk soon,