improve website conversion

Want to increase your website conversions?

Most people want to improve their website conversions… and if they don’t then they probably aren’t clear on exactly what this means.

Basically every visitor that comes to your website has the potential to become a client. Say 1 visitor out of every 100 that visits your website decides to buy from you. That means you have a conversion rate of 1%.

Why website conversion is so difficult

We often see low numbers like 1% when it comes to website conversion because it’s so hard to sell anything online. Basically you’re a faceless website located somewhere out in the internet. It takes a lot of work to get a visitor to want what you have badly enough so they decide to trust you and take a chance on buying from an anonymous stranger.

This means we have to be very good at communicating through our website. We have to create a sales message that not only builds the desire in our visitors but also builds a huge amount of trust. It won’t matter how much they want your product if they think you’re some scam artist in Nigeria.

Why people don’t buy

There are just 3 underlying reasons people don’t buy from you:

  1. They don’t want it
  2. They can’t afford it
  3. They don’t trust you

When we look at the first two they are really interlinked. People will use the excuse that they can’t afford it when in reality they’re just saying they don’t want it badly enough. If people needed money for their sick child they would find it somehow… it’s really a question of motivation.

How to build desire in your visitors

To get people buying you have to talk in terms they understand… namely “what’s in it for them?” How would your product or service add value to their life? Once you can explain your business’ value in a clear and compelling way then you’re going to dramatically increase your sales.

This means you have to stop talking about what your product or service does (its features) and start talking about what it does for the clients (its benefits). Adding on to this you have to dig below the surface benefits and start getting to the real emotional core of why people buy a product or service. Do you want a new car because it’ll transport you more effectively or because it’ll make your friends jealous that you now own a Porsche?

How to build trust

Now it doesn’t matter how good you are at building desire if people don’t trust you. If I promise you that because you bought my $27 ebook you’re going to make a million dollars you’re probably going to laugh it off and forget all about it (I hope!). It’s not that you don’t really want a million dollars… you just don’t believe how wonderful my ebook is (it’s great but realistic).

We also trust people that we like. While many websites try to appear all businesslike and professional the reality is we don’t relate to them. I’m a big fan of putting your personality into your website as then visitors can see you’re a real, likeable person and they’re much more likely to trust you.

How to learn more about this stuff

In order to become great at sales and marketing whether it’s online or offline you just have to get out there and do it. By reading my website and subscribing to my email list you’re going to discover a ton of information that you can immediately put to use on your own website. You’ll also learn a lot by watching the free “Seven Ways To Turn More Website Visitors Into Paying Clients” webinar.

The good news is that when you start to master these concepts then your business (and any business you’re involved in) will be able to thrive. Most businesses struggle to get enough clients but with the skills you’re learning you won’t be one of those businesses. We’ll also talk occasionally about the challenge of having too many clients and what you need to do to grow your business then.

How to improve your website conversion rate

Your website conversion rate is critical to your website’s success. It also provides you with an amazing amount of leverage and makes every visitor you drive to your website more likely to buy. Yet in my experience this is one of the most poorly executed parts of websites and no-one seems to be explaining how to do it properly.

Fun with maths

Here’s a quick example of what a small increase in your website conversion rate can achieve:

100 visitors per day x 1% conversion = 1 sale or say $47 per day
100 visitors per day x 2% conversion = 2 sales or $94 per day

So over a year you’d have the following results:

1% conversion = 365 sales or $17,155
2% conversion = 730 sales or $34,310

And that’s comes from making some one-off changes to your website. To look at it the other way you’d have to attract 200 visitors to your website per day to get the same sales figures. I don’t know about you but that sounds like a lot of hard work to me!

What website conversion actually means

Website conversion is the experience your visitor receives that might make them want to become a purchase. Website visitors are very fickle creatures and if we don’t capture and hold their attention then we’re going to lose them to the next website. So you have to make your website captivating and worth hanging around on.

Most websites are boring and offer little value to the visitor. They talk all about the company without giving any compelling reasons to choose them over a competitor. If someone walked into your physical store would you start by saying to them “Our company was founded in 1957 and is the leading provider of blah blah blah?”

Then why do you do that with your website?

How to improve your website conversion rate

There are two main factors to get someone to buy online:

1. Desire
2. Trust

Increasing someone’s desire

Many marketers and sales people think there job is to convince, cajole, persuade and harass people to buy from them. This is why selling has such a bad reputation and why many of us hate doing it. However I believe selling is all about giving the visitor what they want.

But first you have to figure out what exactly that is. What benefits you’re offering your clients. Then you can clearly and succinctly explain to the visitor why buying from you will give them what they want.

Gaining your visitors’ trust

The second big factor is trust and this is especially important when selling online. After all you’re just a faceless website floating out there in cyberspace. How does the visitor know your business isn’t being run by some Nigerian while he waits for a kind soul to help him unlock his uncle’s $23 million fortune?

Ok so that may be a little extreme but most of the human race lives in fear of being ripped off. It’s bad enough wondering if a product will live up to the promises when you buy face-to-face let alone over the internet. Therefore you have to do everything in your power to earn the visitors trust.

Why improving your website conversion rate is worth the effort

We’ve already done the math to show just how powerful this concept is but let’s take it a step further. You probably have a website that’s already receiving at least some traffic. So what if you could simply change the way your website communicates with those visitors and increase your sales overnight?

By making changes to the way your website converts visitors into clients you can get dramatic results in a very short space of time. When I work with clients we notice a decent bump in sales as soon as the new webpage is uploaded. And that’s not even including all the other components of a successful website marketing system.

What you do next

So if you like money I suggest you look at your website with new eyes. Ask yourself if you can stir up more desire and create more trust with your visitors. Your website sales will thank you for it.

And if you’d like to learn more about how to make your website sell including detailed instructions on how to use my 6 Components of Selling system then check out my Automated Selling Machine course.

7 tips to improve website conversion today

Unfortunately most business owners don’t look at how to improve website conversion. They are sucked into the vicious cycle of getting more website traffic and forget all about the visitors they already attract. This post is designed to give you 7 quick ways to improve the way your website converts visitors into clients.

Tip #1 – Get their attention with a headline

I’m not sure why most websites don’t use effective headlines. We’re surrounded by them all day in newspapers and on magazine covers yet few business owners apply the same principles to their websites. By simply adding a good headline you can increase the rate at which visitors stay on your website.

Various studies show you have about 3 – 7 seconds to grab your visitors attention and that’s where your headline comes in. It needs to both catch their eye and explain in one short statement why they should stay on your website. That’s their one job… to explain the biggest benefit of reading what you have to say.

Tip #2 – Explain the benefits

Most business websites don’t explain why the visitor should do business with them over their competitors. They vaguely promise the best service, quality and prices (like everyone does) but give no reasons why their business is unique. If you want to have a successful website you need to have a unique reason for visitors doing business with you.

I like to ask the classic Dan Kennedy question “Why should I – a potential prospect – do business with you over all other alternatives including doing nothing at all?” If you’re reading this I’ll put money on the fact you don’t have a really good answer to this question (feel free to challenge me in the comments). But once you get your answer clear and succinct your website’s conversion will go up dramatically.

Tip #3 – Back up everything with proof

Going back to our example above about the best service… how do you prove you have the best service? Maybe you really do but because everyone else claims the same thing your voice is lost in the crowd. So how can you show that you have hands down the best service in town?

You might have really amazing testimonials presented in an interesting way. You might have an incredible guarantee (which we’ll talk more about in a second). You might have stories about how you bent over backwards to exceed your clients expectations.

The important thing is that you must back up all your claims with proof or no one will believe you.

Tip #4 – Create an irresistible offer

I’m constantly amazed how many businesses fail to make offers and they lose a lot of sales because of it. You need to clearly state what you’re going to give the prospect in return for their hard earned money (or even their contact details). You must show them they’re going to get an incredible amount of value for money.

Now this doesn’t mean you lose money on the deal but you do need to increase the perceived value of your offer. Maybe you can add in items that cost you very little but have a high perceived value. Get started by at least offering something and improve it as you go.

Tip #5 – Take away the risk

When people buy from you (especially online) they fear getting ripped off. Maybe your offer won’t live up to it’s promises or your product will break in a few weeks. To sell effectively and improve website conversion you have to remove as much of this risk as possible.

This starts with an amazing guarantee that ensures your clients are always amazed. But there are also many other risk reversal techniques to use such as free trials or buy now and pay later approaches. You probably already have a guarantee that’s required by law hiding away somewhere and all you have to do is jazz it up a little and put it on display.

Tip #6 – Have a call to action

Nearly all of us are serial procrastinators whether we like to admit it or not. We hold back from taking action because we’re afraid of making a mistake or a bad decision. This is no different when someone is looking to buy your products and services.

Therefore you can increase your website conversion rate by having a solid call to action that helps the prospect commit to the decision right now. It isn’t about having some strong arm sales tactic but rather helping your visitor over that hump to making a purchase. Your prospects are much more likely to buy if they realize they might miss out on something if they don’t act now.

Tip #7 – Have a personality

I find many (if not all) business websites are incredibly boring and business like. They look the same, sound the same… and put their visitors to sleep the same. Sometimes all it takes to have  a successful website is to take what other people are selling and add some personality.

Now it doesn’t have to be some big dramatic performance where you where an eye patch and talk like a pirate. But you should at least appear as a real person and not get hung up pretending to be a big company. At the end of the day people buy from people – not companies – so use this to your advantage.

What you do next to improve website conversion

Well there you have 7 tips that should increase website conversion very effectively and they don’t take much time to implement. However reading about them won’t do much for your sales… you have to take action. So go and pick one tip above and start by implementing it… then once you see your website sales rise I’m sure you’ll want to come back and use the other tips as well.