How To Measure Website Performance

As the famous management guru Peter Drucker stated “What gets measured gets done.” Now why we are quite capable of measuring results and still not doing anything about them… measurement is the first step. The chances are if we’re not measuring then we’re not improving or at least not improving at the rate we could be.

By first knowing where you are this will help move you towards your website’s goals. It’s like deciding you want to go to New York but not knowing what city or country you’re in at the moment… this makes travel very difficult. In a similar way by setting goals and knowing your current position you can plan out step-by-step how you’re going to grow your website.

What do you measure?

There are a whole ton of things you can measure for your online business. However some people get so tied up in measuring everything they can that they forget why they’re really measuring… to get results. I believe you’re much better off to start by measuring a few key things and then building on it from there.

Not to mention that starting with only a few Key Performance Indicators make you much more likely to follow through and actually use them. So I break down the things you should measure into three simple categories:

  • Traffic – How many visitors do you have and where are they coming from?
  • Conversion – How many new subscribers do you have? How many sales?
  • Client Amazement – What client feedback are you receiving? How many refunds are being requested?

These should give you a good overall picture of your website that you can add to as you feel is necessary.

How do you measure?

Probably the best (and free) tool for measuring your website statistics is Google Analytics. Just sign up for a free account and you’ll be able to track your website visitors, where they come from and even how many are converting into subscribers and sales. It also gives you a wealth of other data that you can use to make improvements.

You’ll also want to know your sales figures and gather client feedback through surveys and other means. The idea here is not to overwhelm yourself with lots to do but create some nice simple systems so you have all this information easily available. After all it’s no good having it if you’re not going to look at it.

I use what I call a Web Business Dashboard to keep track of my key figures. Every Friday I have one of my outsourcers go and find out the necessary figures and add them to a spreadsheet. Then I look at the spreadsheet first thing on Monday morning as I plan my week. All it takes is a quick glance to see how each website is doing and whether anything needs further action.

What you do next

I suggest you create your own Web Business Dashboard so you can easily see what’s going on with your website. Then make an appointment with yourself at a particular time each week to review it. It’s definitely worth it and you should feel some excitement as you watch your website’s performance improve as well.

If you’d like some help setting up your Web Business Dashboard and turning your website into a lean, mean sales machine then drop me an email and let’s chat.

Effective marketing means more sales

Effective marketing is a different way to look at marketing. Because I believe marketing is a word that is thrown around too casually these days. Marketing consultants, experts and gurus seem to spring up from everywhere claiming to be the best.

The problem is they can’t measure their results. It’s easy to claim you’re the best when there is no way of knowing how effective your marketing is. Marketing awards do not equal sales…

What is effective marketing?

Effective marketing simply doesn’t lose money. You invest a certain amount and get back more in sales or new clients. There really is no trick to it.

You just have to know where your marketing dollars are going and what they’re bringing back. This may seem like a simple concept but believe it or not it’s one that escapes most marketers. If you asked an average marketer what their return on investment was they wouldn’t have a clue.

They may try to bluff their way out with wishy washy figures to do with brand awareness but that’s only because they don’t have a real answer. They may even claim that marketing cannot be measured. This would be an interesting concept for marketers who have been measuring results for over 100 years.

Why is effective marketing so important?

Without measurement we don’t know what direction we’re heading… which makes it kind of hard to reach our targets. It’s like blind-folding a 100 metre sprinter and spinning them in circles before the race. They can run as fast as they want but chances are they’ll never reach the finish line.

If you can’t measure your marketing or make money with it then your business is unlikely to grow consistently. Its growth will be based on luck rather than a proven system. And if you guide your business by luck it’s equally possible to receive bad luck.

How to create effective marketing

There is one simple way to create effective marketing: Measure your results. When you measure your results the whole game changes and you will quickly learn to make your marketing more productive. It’s a lot harder to pretend you have good marketing when you watch money being flushed down the toilet every day.

This means every piece of marketing you create has a tracking mechanism. It can range from asking “So how did you hear about us?” to coupon codes associated with each marketing campaign. The sophistication will evolve as your marketing does and you fully realise how important measurement is.

The important thing is you’re measuring. That’s how you achieve business success. You wouldn’t stop checking your bank balance in the hope that there will always be money in it… so why treat your marketing that way?

What you do next

Decide how you’re going to measure your marketing. Implement the system and look at the results. Then use the results to improve your marketing until it is at break-even or better.

Trust me, once you see the results from effective marketing you’ll never go back to the dark ages again…