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Increase Website Sales By Building Better Relationships

Increasing your website sales is all a matter of building better relationships online. Selling over the internet is one of the hardest ways to sell anything… simply because we don’t have that personal touch with the potential client. This is why we need to do our best to replicate an offline relationship when we’re operating online.

Sales is all about the relationship. When we think about it we generally buy from people we like and trust. How many times have you decided not to buy something you actually wanted just because of the way the salesperson presented themselves?

Now building a relationship face-to-face is a lot easier than doing it online but this doesn’t mean we can’t do it. You can also do ok selling online from a faceless website that builds no relationship. However if you want to amplify your results and make more sales then you’ll want to build better relationships.

The important thing to remember is that website visitors are not just some number you see in your analytics package… they’re people who want what you’re offering.

Becoming “unprofessional”

Most website owners seem to be scared about appearing “unprofessional” to their visitors… whatever that means. They like to pretend they’re some big faceless corporation that does millions of dollars of sales online. However the truth is most buyers prefer to deal with a real person as they know they’ll be looked after.

Think about some of the service providers you visit on a regular basis. You’re probably not shopping around for a new hairdresser every time you need a haircut as you’ve built a relationship with one in particular. This is probably the same for your car mechanic, dentist, doctor and even your favorite restaurants, bars and cafes.

We like familiarity and this is what our relationships provide us with. We know what to expect before we arrive. And the irony is that you probably have businesses that you visit that don’t even give you great results but you still visit them anyway because of the relationship you’ve formed.

But I digress… here are some ways to help build personal relationships with your website visitors:

Unleash your personality – Your personality is your strongest point of difference in your arsenal. It’s something your competitors can never replicate (although they may try) and can help you stand out. So never be afraid of using your personality when it comes to communicating through your website.

Be a real person – We’re surrounded by marketing that is based on a world of make believe. Now while everyone likes to live the fantasy it’s always nice to come back to earth and deal with a real person at the end of the day. Present yourself as a real person with warts and all to deepen your relationships even further.

Be unique – As you present your personality to the visitors remember to pick out what makes you unique to make yourself really stand out. It’s most effective if your uniqueness also resonates with your visitors but not necessarily. You’ll be amazed at some of the random things I put into my content and the responses I receive.

Be genuine and authentic – I want to be clear that we’re not inventing a personality to fit your market as eventually you’ll be found out. You want to take natural parts of your life and share them with your visitors. You should always come from a place of authenticity as our aim is to build trust… not destroy it.

I should also mention that you’re going to find some people on the planet who don’t like your personality and uniqueness… that’s just a part of life. The good news is for all the haters you attract you should be attracting equal (and hopefully greater) amounts of people who love what you’re doing. So don’t mind the haters and keep on fighting the good fight.

What you do next

Look at how you’re communicating with your visitors at the moment and decide right now how you can make it more interesting. The next step is to simply jump in and see what kind of results you receive. Just note that some people won’t like the transition while others will love it… as I said above this is just a fact of life so keep going and the results will follow.

And if you’d like to learn more ways to achieve better relationships with your website visitors use my Automated Selling Machine course.

The big secret to selling online no one tells you

There are many big claims when it comes to making money online from your website. Fast riches are promised with little work but in case you hadn’t guessed it… this is not exactly the full truth. It’s true that internet gurus have it easy and can make thousands of dollars by sending an email… but what about the rest of us?

Well there is a way to make money online fairly fast and easily… but you have to be careful when following the guru formula. Note that when I say this I mean copying what they do… not necessarily doing what they teach. The point is you have to start at the beginning without a massive email list and joint venture partners which makes the game a little different.

I have an idea (and no smoke didn’t come out my ears)

I realized something important when my friend Dean Hunt asked how I got such high conversion rates on a recent product launch with a tiny list (we’re talking well under 100 people!). The answer revealed that most of us approach this web marketing game all wrong. We start out by trying to be big shots rather than focusing on our strengths.

And it all comes down to how we view our email lists.

What the gurus do

The gurus get inundated with hundreds and thousands of emails a day. It’s completely impractical for them to answer all their emails and they wouldn’t dream of doing so. But then they have huge email lists and only need a fraction of that list to buy to make money.

But when we start out we have a handful of subscribers… yet we can get in the habit of treating them like the huge guru list. Well what if instead you emailed each new subscriber you got personally and asked how you could help. Worst case you could set up an autoresponder asking them to get in touch but if you could really make the email personal your results would be much better.

Personal attention creates loyalty

You’d be amazed at the personal relationships I’ve built with people on my email list. And it all started because they simply asked a question. Then I gave them a response that blew them away… we’re talking stuff here that I could of charged consulting fees for… completely free.

Do you think when I launch a product or make a recommendation these people are going to buy. My experience shows a resounding yes. All because I took to the time to help them out.

But what about scalability?

Obviously when we create an online business we want it to free our time… not stick us behind the computer answering emails all day. But I’m not saying this is what you have to do forever. It’s an approach to get you those first sales and find out what your market really wants.

Of course there are ways to scale it using knowledgeable and well trained customer service staff (yes I treat my email subscribers as clients). It’s not quite the same and you’ll have to measure your return on investment but it’s something worth testing in the future. There’s definitely potential for increasing your sales further down the track as well.

One big warning

Unfortunately when you give free advice it’s hardly every used. It’s basic psychology that we put more value on things we pay for. So while you may be giving out the best information in the world it doesn’t mean people will value it.

But that’s not what our goal is here either. Although it’s great when we give advice and someone follows through it can keep you up at night wondering why the other 99% of people didn’t take action. So it’s important to accept that this will happen.

However if you view it as a chance to build a trusted relationship with a potential client then it’s a whole different story. You’ve just got to be careful spending your time with people who have no intention of buying from you no matter how much value you provide. Hopefully your radar for people who want to build profitable relationships (on both sides) with your business will improve with experience.

But wait… there’s more!

Sorry… no steak knives but this idea is just part of the formula. I also go into depth on other concepts that will increase your website sales in Module Two of my Automated Selling Machine course. And you can get it here for free…

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